EZigal Heavy Duty Protection

Ezigal offers a superior durable coating ideal for high UV, Salt and wind prone areas. Ezigal is often selected for difficult to reach external fixtures where regular maintenance cannot be undertaken.

Ezigal is superior process to powdercoating of pre-galvanised components and is available in a wide range of standard and custom colours. A combination of careful preparation, and uniform coating layers offers excellent adhesion and strength, and will continue to look impressive for years to come.

Unlike galvanised coatings, Ezigal offers an exceptionally smooth and even finish, providing a highly attractive appearance. Pre galvanised surfaces can contain uneven and imperfect surfaces, resulting in poor adhesion and curing. Ezigal prevents these problems by using its patented technology to protect the carefully prepared raw component.

Specialised quality processes are undertaken during Ezigal production to ensure each layer is perfect and will stand the rigorous elements once in place.

Electrostatic Coatings offers a 10 year guarantee on Ezigal coatings as a testament to the quality of this patented process.

EZigal Projects

Oracle Building, Gold Coast

Oracle at Broadbeach combines two large towers housing a combined residential and hotel development.




Draculas Restaurant, Gold Coast

Draculas underwent a $5 million refurbishment, requiring significant structural elements where ongoing access would prove difficult.




Emmanuel College, UQ Brisbane

Electrostatic provided the heavy duty paint protection for Emmanual College’s new pool enclosure.





What Clients Say

Specifier, Soul Building

“The team at Electrostatic provided excellent advice, and brought a different dimension to our project. The finish was excellent, and we are happy with the end result. Good work.”

Fabrication Contractor, Oracle

“Electrostatic provided a professional finish for our client. Turn around time was excellent and they understood the needs of working to a project timeline. I’ve used them many times since and have never been disappointed.”